Winning an Online Sic Bo Casino Game

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 506

Sic bo is one of the most interesting online casino games in Thailand. It is an ancient Chinese
gambling game, and is played with 4 dice. If you have been playing online roulette for a while
now, you will notice that they are quite similar. Are you interested to play something unique?

Then, sic bo is for you. Sure, baccarat, video poker, roulette and slots are great, but for many
people, nothing would beat the uniqueness of sic bo.

How to Play Online Sic Bo

The first look at the sic bo table would surely end in confusion, and raise a lot of questions. If
you think the roulette table and crap layouts are complex, you must prepare yourself with sic bo.
Your first few tries will be frustrating, but as you go along, things will become easier. All you
need to is learn sic bo rules by heart.

The primary rule here is not really different compared to other online casino games. It also
involves betting on particular dice results.

The sic bo gameplay appears like this:

  • Place the bets by putting the chips on specific areas depicting results you wish to bet on.
  • The dealer shakes the 3 dice which are closed on a tiny chest.
  • You win for each sum or number you have predicted. If your predictions are wrong, you lose.

Never fall for gambler’s fallacy.

This is one of the most common gambling myths. The main idea is that if something occurs
frequently at one point, it would happen less frequently later on. Keep this in mind when playing
sic bo. The truth is, the results of the dice are not totally dependent on what occurred before.

Don’t bet on various areas.

When playing sic bo in an online casino, you are allowed to place several bets all at once. Online
gambling platforms usually allow people to bet on up to 16 areas every one roll. Tis is not highly
recommended, though. Placing bets on many areas can make you win a lot, but you can also lose
tons of money. The wisest decision here is to place bets on smaller areas.