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What You Can Really Expect from the Time Internet

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 54

Navigating from page to page, you quickly find yourself with many tabs open at the same time. Since most pages are constantly refreshed, such as those on news sites or social networks, it can quickly form a traffic jam on your bandwidth.

As a result, your navigation becomes increasingly slow and uncomfortable. To remedy this, remember to regularly close your tabs before opening others. You can also apply Unifi fibre coverage for good results.

An internet subscription is a year-round budget, don’t you think you could save money?

At Time internet service we are convinced! It’s our job to help you save money.

Allow cookies and caching on your favourite sites

The cookies and caches can sometimes be scary. They are used to store your browsing history and your connection data and may cast doubt on the protection of your personal data.

  • In reality, they mainly facilitate the loading of pages.
  • Don’t hesitate to allow them for websites you trust.

Good to know

You can configure your browser to allow the websites of your choice to use cookies that will identify you and improve the loading speed of the pages. To do this, click in the Tools menu of your browser, then in the Options or Settings tab.

Optimize the positioning of your wireless devices

If you use wireless devices connected to your Box by Wifi, remember to position them correctly so that they receive a good quality signal. They should not be too far from your router. Also, make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of the signal. Avoid your wireless devices connected to Wifi being too close to each other. This can cause interference and affect the quality of your Internet connection. Keep them away from each other if possible, at least a few tens of centimetres.

Connect as many devices as possible to an Ethernet cable

Wifi has revolutionized the use of the Internet at home. No more pulling cables from your modem to bring the Internet into every room of your home. But no miracle, each connected device uses a portion of the bandwidth dedicated to WiFi. By multiplying the number of WiFi connections, it is the quality of your connection that suffers.

Even if you have errors within your mobile apps, good internet can help you.