What Things Do You Need to Consider When Changing Web Hosts?

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 228

Are you satisfied with your hosting provider? Many people who own their websites actually run into the problem of getting a subpar host that they want to change to a more reliable hosting service that is only available on top hosting companies.

That being said, if you are contemplating on changing web hosts, what do you need to consider before doing so?

Find the Right Web Host

Before changing web hosts, you obviously have to find another one that will replace your current provider. If you are the type of person that would just go with where the hype is without actually doing research of your own, then you are going to be in the same predicament you’re in right now.

Searching for the right web host means that you should find the company that provides you with everything that you need.

If you are just going to randomly choose a host, then you will undoubtedly suffer the same fate that you are in right now. So, do your due diligence and research possible companies first.

Tell Your Clients About the Shift

If you have established a customer base or you have established a pretty good online reputation, then it is your job to tell your clients that you are shifting to a more reliable hosting provider.

The reason why you want to tell them about the shift is so that they will know why your website is inaccessible and so that they will understand that you are just trying to provide them with a better quality service from here on out.

Back Things Up

Before you migrate all of your website’s files to a new server, you need to conduct your own backup. Most hosting companies provide a server-side back of their own and although you can request for such file, you can do your own backups just to make sure.

In addition, even though you are moving to a new server, do not completely delete the files of the old website as it may come in handy in the future (if something were to happen to your backups, for example).

Talk to the Registrar

When you are about to shift to a new hosting company, you are going to have to register your website’s name on their server. To do this, you will have to talk to the domain registrar to make things happen.

Fortunately, if you are going for the most reputable web hosting companies out there, that will instantly be taken care of once you make the move.

Of course, the change will not happen immediately and may take several days or weeks depending on the circumstances.

Hire Someone to Do It for You

Getting things done is hard, especially if you already have a well-established website. If you do not want to go through all of the hassles, I suggest that you hire someone that will do it for you. Although it is definitely an added expense, all will be worth it.