What is Cloud Web Hosting and is It the Right One for You?

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 321

In the past, web hosting companies would have to establish their own data centers so that they can house their servers in it. Although they can buy plenty of servers as they please, they are limited with the location in that their data centers are only placed in one location or two.

In essence, you could start hosting websites if you just have server computers running. However, the problem with that is that if you are in a far location away from the data center, then performance is not going to be ideal.

Another problem with traditional web hosting is that if the data center happens to get attacked or if there is a power outage in the area, the entire facility could get compromised and the servers might shut down because of this.

Remember, if the server computer is turned off, all of the websites in its storage will no longer be accessible until such time that the server is turned back on.

Because of these severe limitations and shortcomings, hosting companies have created a solution that will finally solve all of these things. What is that solution, you ask? I am talking about cloud web hosting.

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

This particular service is typically offered by cloud hosting companies. Cloud web hosting is where servers from different key locations in the world would create a web or network that allows them to communicate with each other, thus providing the same service.

In other words, all of the servers will consolidate all of their resources so that everything can be shared within the network.
So, how does this relate to web hosting? Well, hosting companies would rely on this ‘cloud’ to make sure that their hosting services will keep on running no matter what time of the day.

And, you do not have to worry about downtimes at all simply because if the original servers get shut down or something, there are other servers that will continue the service so that, technically, nothing is unhindered, thus rendering a smooth operation across the board.

Who Can Benefit from This?

Basically every person that wants to get a hold of hosting services. You see, the most common hosting plan today is shared hosting and although it is quite affordable, it also poses the problem relating to the bad neighbor effect.

Okay, I want you to picture this: Suppose that you are renting an apartment in a large complex. You basically have your own room and space, but there are also some neighbors that are near you as well.

Suppose that there are some of your neighbors that will use all of the water for themselves and what if someone blasts some music that you do not want in the background. All of you in the complex could get affected by these bad neighbors.

The same thing goes for shared hosting. Cloud hosting just makes it so that you do not have to deal with bad neighbors simply because all of the hosting resources are shared across multiple servers across the globe.