Unmanaged Dedicated Server – What to Expect

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 49


First of all, what is a dedicated server? Just by the word dedicated, it means that the entire server is for you to use. You have rented it by choosing a dedicated server plan. This is the opposite to the shared server, in which in one server, there ae many users and they need to share the space. If one is more popular than the others, chances are he will be using more of the space and thus the less popular one will have to suffer for poor quality of airtime.

Nowadays, there are already so many providers of vps windows dedicated server hosting. As a matter of fact, you can easily find them online. However, you should know that not all of them might be able to keep up with what you need. And there are also times when the inclusions of their plan is really not par enough or not as powerful as the others. So, what should you check if you plan to apply for an unmanaged dedicated server? Check this out:

  1. Choose the server properly. Yes, you have to ask the hosting company what they are using for your dedicated server, especially that this is an unmanaged plan. It means, you will be on your own and you surely don’t want servers that are with a poor quality or one that will easily get into troubles. As much as possible, it would be best if they are using a bare metal server as this is really designed for dedicated hosting plans.
  2. You should enjoy proactive monitoring. While some companies or providers might not be as active when it comes to monitoring your server, there are still companies that do, and you should seek them out. Even with the fact that you are applying for an unmanaged plan, they still need to monitor your server considering they are the provider. In fact, you can find a provider that incorporates a Free Proactive Monitoring which can enable the buyer to be notified in case lose of connectivity will happen.
  3. They should have updated apps that can help you manage your website. You see, you certainly need all the help you can get since you are planning to apply for an unmanaged plan. Since the support from the company or provider is limited, the latest apps should be good replacements.

There are really times when we have to choose something that is cheaper as long as the inclusions can benefit your business. Maybe your business needs a huge space and thus you need to go for a dedicated server. And maybe you don’t have enough funds to include complete monitoring. This is why, it is important that you choose your provider well. It is important that you properly check what they can offer like the apps, and so on. You can also check out reviews about their services since people who have tried their services will surely talk about them, whether they have good experiences or not.