The First Online Casino Ever

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 9

Online gambling is such a mainstay industry these days that it’s easy to forget the industry didn’t even exist a mere 25 years ago. If you want to feel old, just think to yourself that there are now people old enough to drink who weren’t even born when the first online casinos opened their doors for business back in the mid-90s. 

Tracking down the oldest online casinos is a bit of a chore due to the digital nature of the business and the primitive state of the internet back then. Many details have been lost over the years, but we do have some fairly solid leads regarding the oldest casino sites that are still in operation today. Whether you’re here out of pure curiosity or you feel safer at well-established gambling sites, today’s post will introduce you to the first online casinos and name those that are still in operation to this very day.

The First Casino Sites

Nowadays we have top online casino website in malaysia, there is a little debate as to whether InterCasino or the Gaming Club was the first online casino to open its doors. Most sources agree that InterCasino was the first, although the Gaming Club claims that title as well. In either case, both casino sites were among the very first to hit the internet.

InterCasino: 1996

The history of InterCasino is well-documented and easily corroborated by other sources such as the Wayback Machine and other industry companies. Although the Gaming Club still claims to have opened a full two years earlier than InterCasino, evidence for their claim is flimsy. Therefore, we can consider InterCasino to be the first documented online casino in the world.

CryptoLogic and its subsidiary company WagerLogic began developing casino software in 1995. WagerLogic then launched InterCasino in November of 1996 and the casino has been going strong ever since.

InterCasino Today

InterCasino is alive and well to this day. Many gambling websites still recommend InterCasino on the basis of its game selection and long standing reputation for fair gaming. They are clearly doing something right to be going strong all these years later in an industry marked by frequent bankruptcies.