House Renovation Tips

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 41

One of the biggest dreams in life is to buy a house and be able to own it with the results of your own efforts. Once you have managed to own the house, you would want to renovate the house according to your tastes. Maybe if in a village or rural area, the act of renovating the house does not affect others because it is on their own land but what if the houses in the city have to be subject to some ‘rules’ especially for those living in your next door. There are many important things that we must do before the renovation process. No one is willing to look to lose and burned off their money just like that


In order to choose a contractor for your home renovation, it is important for us to know a few things. It is best that you do not rush to choose the right contractor for the renovation of your home. Take all the time needed to find good ones. Before you decide to appoint any contractor for home renovation, it is good to understand and follow the simple tips that I have listed below.

Number 1: Which Contractor Should You Use For Your House Renovation?

Get some list of qualified contractors, financially stable company, stable company management and human resources, as well as efficient and good in terms of workmanship. Survey and get all the data, information, track record, and work experience of the contractors. Don’t just hire a contractor based on the recommendation of a friend or family member alone.

 Number 2: Sign a Contract to Protect Yourself

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Once you have selected the most qualified contractor, prepare a Home Renovation Contract or Perjanjian Renovasi Rumah that contains the terms and conditions of the work that must be done and accomplished by the contractor. Then, don’t forget to also list your responsibilities and rights towards the contractor.

Ideally, hire an experienced real estate lawyer to prepare your Home Renovation Contract. Don’t be stingy to spend money on lawyer’s legal fees if that can protect your rights and interests. It could lead you to saving your money in the future. 

If you can afford the renovation work for hundreds of thousands of Malaysian Ringgit, what is the point compared to the legal fees that cost about a thousand or two thousand. Yes, it is a long term investment! Protect yourself against scam. 

Number 3: Avoid Paying Full Amount or lump sum to the contractors

Do not pay the entire contract price at once to the contractor. Ideally, pay according to the progress of the work. When the work is completed and complies with all plans and specifications, as well as the quality of the work is also satisfactory to you, then you explain the payment. As a guarantee to the contract that you have sufficient financial resources to pay the contract, you can pay the contract price to your lawyer as a stakeholder. After that, your lawyer will release the payment in stages to the contractor once the work at that stage has been completed. 

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Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry! Keep a safe measurement to yourself, okay? You shouldn’t face this kind of problem when you are spending so much money for the house renovation. Easily dodge the problems with knowledge. Looking for a reputable steel company in Malaysia, click here.