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As the concept of cryptocurrency has been out there for quite a decade, yet people still missing its potential. Back in 2009 when Bitcoin first make its appearance, all people turn their heads towards the cryptocurrency, looking at it and harnessing its potential in the future. Now here we are with so many new big surprises that taking their turn jumping out from a closet. Wee, the hype of cryptocurrency is not a thing for you to take for granted as now, the industry is bombing with so many crypto tokens out there trying to make their mark in the business as Forex trading does. 

If you are still lost in the hype, people now using cryptocurrency as the new alternative for physical money. Digital money has great technology used behind it and it already solves so many pain points in the use of physical money. With the use of crypto money, you will no longer need any governing body like the bank, and transactions can be done even faster and more efficiently. There will also be no high fee taking place and all of the transactions are secured as it uses the blockchain technology that keeps it safe and anonymous for people to try and track. 

Dogemama crypto

As people are now busy going with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and so on, the others are busy with the new crypto called Dogemama crypto. People have their eyes on Dogemama as it prioritizes their transparent relationship with the holders. Here, you will never have to be worried about your investment are placed in the hands of any anonymous people like other crypto coins does. With Dogemama, you will have a rather deflationary as well. WIth a long vesting period, Dogemama will make sure that no one can alter with the price or the market. The transparency also goes with the use of BSCscan links.

Dogemama also uses public documentation, making it available for everyone to see and study. It is also used Binance Smart Chain that makes it cheaper, faster, and more efficient than other coins out there. Not just that, powered by a sustainable energy source, Dogemama will do no harm to the environment. With their great entrance back in August, they have made a mark and impression towards the public with their qualities as a crypto coin. They have grabbed the attention of big platforms like TokTok, Twitter, Reddit, and more.  

They also do charities like helping the mother who is in need around the world. Donating their tokens, showing that Dogemama is more than just a token, it is a family gathered together. Their mascot also represents mother and spreading the kindness that Dogemama is practicing. They have made events like NFT marketplace, Dogemama Family Portal, and more. These events will be made to attract new and existing investors and holders to invest and at the same time, earning rewards and bonuses. At their Dogemama platform, you can buy your token and get various rewards and also be able to choose to lick them for up to 6 months in exchange for bigger rewards. These and more are only with Dogemama crypto so check them out now! 

How to Start Your Own Online Business This 2020

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1. Think of a good online business idea.

Starting an online business in Malaysia is not easy. There are tons of things to learn and
implement. One of the first thigs you should do is to take the time to research, and contemplate
on good online business ideas that you can explore.
Remember, every profitable business starts
with a great idea. Know your target audience, and what pain points you want to address.

2. Write a comprehensive online business plan.

List down all of the thoughts that you have for your business. What are your goals? Schedule
brainstorming sessions. What are those ideas that will work for you? Which ones do you think
would be unsuccessful? In addition to your random thoughts, write down the costs, as well as the
potential profit.

Writing an online business plan can be a long process, but never forget one of the most important
things–creativity is also part of it.

3. Register your online business.

Online business registration will depend on your state and city ordinances. However, it is also
better to register even if it is not really required. Of course, people would take your online
venture more seriously if it is official.

4. Put together a sales or creative team.

Since you are running a new online, home-based business, your staff may only be composed of
independent, work-at-home graphic artists, developers and freelancers. A small venture is judged
by the type of services and products your team can produce, so make sure to pick intelligent,
creative people.

5. Manage your finances well.

In order to keep your online venture strong, it is crucial to manage the finances well. Many
entrepreneurs are not financing experts. These people are good at running their business.

However, they are not good at keeping up with the flow of money within the business.

6 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

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So, after choosing the best online e-commerce platforms and after having set up your own online shop, then the next logical step would be to think of ways to drive more traffic to it.

But, even though some of it may seem like common sense, there is still some incredible number of people who still do not know how it is done the right way.

So today, I am going to help you drive more traffic to your online store by giving you some handy tips.

Take Advantage of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is basically a set of techniques that will help your website rank higher than the others when a user searches for something online.

To make it work for you, you have to search the right short-tail and long-tail keywords. Then, on your website, make sure you incorporate these keywords nicely so that you will be able to rank higher.

Of course, you also want to try out the different techniques about SEO as well.

Make Relevant Content

A lot of people believe that just by providing product descriptions along with some pictures that they can get away with having no other content on their online stores. This is a huge mistake and something that you need to correct if you are part of the demographic.

You see, when people do not see any other articles relating to your product, then they’re just going to see your website as “just another online shop”.
You want to be an authority figure in your niche, so you also want to create relevant articles as well.

For example, if you own a linen store, then you may create articles highlighting the best tips to get the best linen or linen care tips, among others.

Make Use of Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to highlight your products (and to also promote them as well). Create an account and put the best pictures of the things that you sell on the platform. You want to follow the correct aspect ratio (2:3) and you also want to upload only high-quality images as well.

Email Marketing

I encourage every online store to have its own email list. Every time your customer looks, buys, or even exits your website, give them a chance to sign up to your email list.

Email marketing is definitely one of the best ways to drive continuous traffic to your shop. Of course, give the users a reason to subscribe. Perhaps, you can give them a free e-book or monthly discounts and perks to entice them to sign up.

Look at Your Competitors

Your competitors might have already done their homework and some of them may even be small stores. You can take some of their research and use that as a means to improve your site’s traffic.

What you can do is get, say, 5 of your competitors and look at their backlinks. After finding out their sources, you can start promoting to those channels and websites to get some additional resources.

Go to Forums

Go to the different forums in your niche and become an active member. By “active member”, I mean that you genuinely help others by providing key information. You can then slowly steer then to your website since you already have some of the best content that will give them the answers that they seek.

Of course, you do not want to just promote your website on these forums since you will most likely get banned. Be genuinely helpful and provide links to your website that can help answer their queries.

How to Easily Attract Customers to Your E-Commerce Store?

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Putting up an online store and having amazing products are just part of the overall business equation. Aside from doing that, you will also need to attract people to your store in order for them to purchase something.

In this article, I will go over some tips given by Chris Barling to help you increase your chances of getting a much higher revenue on your ecommerce website design company.

Make Sure that Your Web Address is Relevant

Your internet address should be something that is relevant to your brand. You cannot expect people to go to this particular website if they do not know what is printed on the URL.

That being said, your web address can either be the name of your company or brand. If that name is taken, you can add more words that would still make it relevant.

The idea here would be that when the person clicks on your link that they will know exactly for sure that they’re going to your website and nowhere else.

Just Go with Your Current Marketing Plans

If you’ve started out as a brick-and-mortar shop, you’ve probably done some advertising as well. Put your e-commerce website on your previous promotional materials such as your brochures, business cards, and you can even add it on the company letterhead as well.

Search Engine Optimization is Crucial

When people look for particular products, they would usually use search engines for that purpose. That is why you need to make sure that your e-commerce website has good SEO so that your store will be at the top of the search results page when people look for that particular product you’re selling.
Implementing good SEO is a full-time job in and of itself, which is why hiring your own personnel to handle this particular task may be needed.

Make Use of a Blogging Platform

People always love buying from online stores that have their own blogging platform. That is because you can create blog posts that would provide key information to your customers about the products that you sell.
Of course, you want this information to be authentic and not skewed in a way that favors you. In other words, the information that you put out should be written in a general sense, although you can add some reasons why people should consider yours rather than the competitors’.

Use Backlinks

You need to scour the internet for websites that are in your niche. This way, you can collaborate with them where they will promote your website and, in turn, you will also promote theirs.
Backlinks are actually really good for SEO as well which is why it should be a valuable tool that you should use when you’re running your e-commerce website.


Generate Interest

Some people may be influenced to buy from someone if they know the story behind the business. Generate interest by contacting some media outlets to promote your store and to allow you to go to their shows and tell your story.