Improving the Comfort of Your Midcentury Modern Home

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 320

One of the primary reasons why midcentury modern homes’ popularity faded in the 1970s was because of their poor thermal performance. Back then, midcentury modern design was way ahead of its time in terms of aesthetics. However, dealing with it is way beyond the technical performance of those materials available to home builders and designers. Below are some helpful tips to improve the comfort of your home without losing its unique vibe.

Improve radiant floor heating.

If you are living in a midcentury modern home, you might experience flaws in the way it is installed. This may lead to failure or poor performance. When handled well, radiant floor heating is one of the best sources of heat at home.

Update your windows.

Your window frame is an important aspect of your home. It must have a quality thermal break between the exterior and interior part of your home. Go ahead and remodel your home, so you can add more windows to open up spaces. Surely, an architecture company in Malaysia will be able to help you find affordable materials, without compromising the quality design.

Insulate for comfort.

One of the best elements of a midcentury home is the idea of exposing the structure’s beams and posts. This is an amazing change from the traditional home design that covers the structure with trim and wallboard. It is attractive, but exposing some parts of the structure precludes utilizing the space for insulation.

Expose the rafter ceiling.

Exposed rafters are important components of a midcentury design. To preserve this design feature, proper insulation must be incorporated above the ceiling.

Deal with the structural posts well.

When the structural posts are all exposed, the primary challenge is to prevent air seepage. You can use spray foam products for this. A closed-cell spray foam will be able to seal the air gap between the wall and post.