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6 Free Tools to Help You Create a Mobile Website

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 378

6 Free Tools to Help You Create a Mobile Website

Back in the day, companies and business owners are required to make two versions of their websites- a mobile one and one that works on the desktop.

But, Google has made amazing strides in making web development much easier for both the companies and the mobile app developers.

Creating a mobile-friendly website is extremely easy now and you can do so by using any of the following tools:

  1. Mobify

Mobify is a program that allows you to create mobile-friendly websites with relative ease. It has a very simple and intuitive user interface and it also has its own mobile commerce platform that will allow you to incorporate web stores on your own website as well.

It comes in a free version and the pro version. The features that are available on the free version is good enough while the pro version offers you a lot more benefits.

  1. Wirenode

This tool is actually used by a lot of established companies such as Ford, Nokia, among others. It offers a free plan that allows you to use a simple program. This program will make you create your own mobile-friendly websites and by using the same software, you can also host up to 3 different websites as well.

What’s more, you can use their program to track the analytics and other performance metrics of your website so you can make necessary changes if you feel that your website is not performing up to standards.

  1. Google Mobile Optimizer

If you just want a program which gives you a no-frills approach to creating a mobile-friendly version of your website, then you have to use Google’s own Mobile optimizer.

Its basic features allow you to port your website and create a mobile-friendly version of it. In other words, you are very limited to what you can do.

Still, I would recommend this for anyone who wants to create something that works great on mobile.

  1. Mippin

Another great free tool that allows you to create a mobile version of your website is Mippin. This is a great software to use if you want to incorporate an RSS feeder on your website too.

The mobile version that it will create is optimized for more than 2,000 mobile devices out there and its basic plan already comes with an analytics feature which tracks your website’s performance as well.

  1. Winksite

If you want to create a website that is used for community purposes, then Winksite is for you. If your website comes with social media networking and interactive tools such as a forum, polls, and charts, then Winksite offers all of those features on the platform.

  1. Zinadoo

Creating a website that comes with an email platform and mobile web widgets is simple and easy thanks to Zinadoo.

What’s more, you can also assign Google Keywords on your mobile website as well and it allows you to upload video content thanks to its own Mobile Video service. It might cost you a little bit, but for what you’re getting, it is pretty worth it!