6 Common Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 345

1. Straying away from your niche

Some bloggers prefer to write about broad subjects. However, it’s always better to settle with a
more specialized topic. Create a blog in Malaysia, based on a specific idea, niche or theme. That
way, you can attract a specific set of people, and establish your blog as an authority on a
particular field.

2. Not implementing a social media strategy

Blog readership wouldn’t come automatically. You need to work hard for it. Leverage on social
media to reach more people. You can start by creating a Twitter account and Facebook page.
Share your latest posts, alongside funny anecdotes and engaging images.

3. Selecting the wrong blogging platform

When starting a blog, a person usually has two choices: build the usual blog, or create an online
revenue-generator. Are you just blogging for fun? You can go for Tumblr or Blogger. However,
if you want to take everything seriously, and earn a profit soon, consider WordPress. Learn the
difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

4. Ignoring readers’ comments

Respond and interact with your readers. The more you interact with people, the more you can
increase your audiences. You must love it when people are talking about you. That way, you can
be part of the blogging community within your niche, leading to more money, readers and a good
online reputation.

5. Not implementing a good SEO strategy

SEO is rapidly changing. If possible, spend more time researching on SEO best practices. Don’t
just include keywords randomly on your blog posts.

6. Not exploring guest posting

Sharing blog posts and pages from your fellow bloggers is crucial. Why? if you share engaging
stories from the same niche, they would likely do the same for you. Guest posting can also help
you improve your readership. Try sharing your works on blogs with sold rankings and