5 Website Design Trends You Can Apply to Your New Website

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 720

A website is regarded as a crown jewel of a brand’s digital marketing initiatives. It must be a perfect representation of your business. Are you thinking of creating a new one for your new brand offerings? Below are some trends you can apply.


Many websites would rely on typography to gather more attention, and generate more visitors. Don’t just choose random font styles. Your typefaces must reflect your brand’s personality, and make a positive impact on every visitor. Expect to see more pages with typography experimentations.

Bold Colors

2019 is the year you must go out of your comfort zone. Have you tried using contrasting, bold colors? This trend is definitely a must try. Put together two or three colors that don’t appear compatible. It may appear weird at first, but this will surely make a great impact on visitors.

Asymmetrical Layouts

For many years, we have designed websites on grids for pleasing and balanced layouts. However, disruption is our main game this 2019. It’s the year of the unconventional and remarkable. Set aside your grids for now. For your new website, feel free to experiment using asymmetrical layouts.


Animation can surely bring your business’ unique story to life. If you are looking for a new way to communicate to your potential customers, this is the way to go. Through animated features, you can communicate complicated messages without any problem.

Mobile Elegance

Website designers and web design agency are now working towards implementing mobile-friendly layouts. Since more and more people are now browsing the internet through their mobile devices, you should focus on mobile friendliness to generate set of audience.