5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 228

1. The type of website that needs hosting

What kind of website do you want to create and host? A lot of businesses and people choose web
hosting plans which are unsuitable for their own purposes. Before finalizing a deal with a web
host, contemplate on the kind of website you want to maintain, and what content you wish to

2. A web host with good reputation

There are many web hosting companies in Malaysia you can choose from. Since it’s very likely
that your blogging hobby will generate income soon, choose a web host that you can work with
in the long run. Remember, each time your website goes offline, you lose ad revenue. A
reputable hosting provider is important in protecting your online revenue stream.

3. Account management

A good web hosting provider offers a modern and smooth technical support to their clients.
Account management must be effortless, with plenty of payment options. Website owners should
also have the ability to add more websites in their account.

4. Server Upgrades

Server upgrades must be very flexible and manageable to every website owner. Today, you are a
newbie blogger managing a small website, and with a modest visitor rate. Soon, all of your hard
work will pay off, and your platform will become successful. You need to work with a web host
that you can grow with. Will your provider allow you to install plugins? Soon, will it be possible
to make important alterations to your blog’s configuration, so you can utilize the server’s
resources without resulting to website performance issues?

5. Backups

It’s safe to stay that all web hosting providers backup website data. However, do they provide
free data restore? What you need from a good hosting company is the ability to schedule
incremental, meaningful backups that accurately reflect the state of your website. As a client,
you should also have the freedom to install your very own backup solutions.