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5 Popular Trends in Mobile App Development

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 356

5 Popular Trends in Mobile App Development

I used to dream of having a smartphone before, but I wasn’t able to get a really good one because back in the day, they were only reserved to the wealthiest people.

However, we are now in a smartphone revolution where always everyone in the world has them. There are inexpensive phones and tablets that offer good experience and one way for you to enjoy your mobile device, even more, is if you install some applications.

What powers mobile app development? It is the trends that surround it, of course. And today, I am going to talk about the popular trends in mobile app development that you should know.

  1. IoT Leading the Charge

Wearable technology is still in its early stages, but we might see a surge in the coming years. The reason is that it extends the amazing capabilities of a smartphone by allowing users to read messages or read articles directly from the wearable device.

Things like smartwatches and other wearable devices that make use of an internet connection is part of the “Internet of Things”. Experts agree that this will be the trend in mobile app development moving forward.

  1. Beacons Everywhere

Think of beacons as a fence, only that it comes with digital features. For instance, business owners can put beacons in the different sections of their store.

For example, if you own an apparel store and your customers walked into one section, the beacon will notify you that they are within the specified area and that you can take action by providing the customers with discounts or something that is worth their while.

Also in its early stages, beacon technology will advance into something that is much more beneficial for both customers and business owners alike.

  1. Video Ads in Enterprise Apps

Now, before you scoff at the idea, hear me out. You see, advertisements nowadays get a bad rap because to most people, they are just an annoyance. But, video content is all the rage these days and companies can actually take advantage of this.

Because smartphones and tablets nowadays come with amazing full HD screens as the norm, business owners can safely integrate some video ads directly on their enterprise apps. But, they also have to follow certain rules so that they won’t annoy their customers.

  1. Cloud Integration

Cloud technology can be considered a godsend as they allow for better data integration no matter what platform it is.

Mobile app developers can utilize this by incorporating such cloud features in an app. This can be useful not only in multiplayer games, but also other things such as online data storage, account creation services, and many more.

  1. Security is a Must

With more and more applications allowing people to pay using their mobile devices, having a robust security measure is now mandatory on all applications. Perhaps bolstering pre-existing encryption protocols is a good place to start. Also, Blockchain can also be utilized by many app developers, if only the frameworks would allow such a thing.