10 Outdated Pieces of Baby Advice that You Should No Longer Follow

Posted By : Gloria Rodriguez/ 373

A lot of parents nowadays still follow age-old advice that has been debunked by science today. That means that you no longer have to follow them because they are outdated and there are better ways to take care of your child.

For instance, you might not use a stroller for them because you think that your baby is better off without it, but that is actually not the case.
Here are some common outdated pieces of baby advice that you should no longer follow:

1. Bathing Your Baby Every Day

The truth is, our babies still do not have well-developed bodies in that their bodies rarely stink (if ever) as we do. That is why you only need to give them a bath about 2-3 times a week (or in the event that they cause a diaper explosion).

2. Sleeping with the Lights Off

This has now been debunked by a lot of studies and experts. The truth is that babies can actually get a good sleep even when there is substantial light on and there is a little bit of background noise.

The good thing about adding some background noise into the mix is so that your baby will become accustomed to sounds while they sleep, making you listen to your favorite music while they snooze.

3. Putting Some Rubbing Alcohol to Lower Down Your Baby’s Temperature

This is not only bad advice; this has perpetuated even to this day. We were led to believe that rubbing alcohol can help reduce your baby’s temperature (if they are experiencing a fever), but this is dangerous because it might get absorbed into the baby’s skin. The best thing that you can do in this regard would be to give them baby acetaminophen or something that their physician has prescribed.

4. Listening to Classical Music Will Make Your Baby Smarter

The truth is that these are just claims- which means that there is no substantial scientific evidence that will confirm this.

5. Picking Your Baby Up While They’re Crying is Akin to Spoiling Them

One way for your baby to communicate with you is through crying. And no, you cannot “spoil” them if you pick them up when they do so. If anything, it actually gives them a positive feedback loop because they will feel that you are always there when they need you.

6. You Must Change Your Baby’s Diaper During the Night

While it is true that babies can pee during the night, it is actually safe that you wait overnight and change it in the morning. That is because their pee is sterile and most diapers these days are highly-absorbent.

However, the same cannot be said for poop because if left overnight, it may cause Urinary Tract Infection in girls.

7. Immunizing Your Child While They Suffer from a Low-Grade Fever Can Be Harmful

Low-grade fever or colds does not lower their immune system enough to cause any trouble. Vaccinating them even if they have it is okay, provided that it is cleared by their physician.

8. It is Important to Sterilize Baby Bottles Every After Use

Well, the only time you should sterilize the bottles and the nipples would be if you take them out of their boxes for the first time. Otherwise, washing them with soap and water is okay afterward.

9. Making Your Baby Sleep Stomach-side Down is the Safest Way

There was a myth circulating before that this is the best way for your child to sleep, but this has since been debunked. If anything, the safest position for your baby to sleep in would be sleeping on their back.

10. You Should Follow a Strict Feeding Schedule

Your baby has their own internal clock and it should tell them whether they’re hungry or not. Forcefully feeding them even if they are not hungry may strike their internal balance and it may go out of whack.